Ozark Systems  - Setting the Standard in Process Control for Colour and Chemical Using Industries

Setting The Standard in Process Control
for Colour and Chemical Using Industries

Colour Application
PD300D Colour Dispensing System
Chemical Applications
Ozark MF4 Dispense Valves
PD300D Dispensing System
Ozark MF4 Dispense Valves

Ozark Systems in the News

Below are a selection of features and editorial reprints relating to Ozark Systems' installations. Please use the links to read more:

OZARK Systems has just completed the upgrade of the control software and computer systems on a Bespoke dispensing system on a UK textile manufacturing site. (read more of this article) »

OZARK Systems Complete Second Installation at SAAF, Saudi Arabia        
Ozark Systems, the Manchester, UK based dispensing system manufacturer, has just completed the installation of chemical control equipment at the Al-Ahsa site of Advanced Fabrics (SAAF), in Saudi Arabia ... (read more of this article) »

Floor Covering Enhances Indoor Air Quality       
Edward J Elliott
... the flexibility and accuracy of the Ozark automated colour/dye dispensing system is an important contributor to Bonar Floors' ability to replicate and repeat colour tubs consistently within an industrial environment ... (read more of this article) »

Back from the Brink As Growth Returns
World Textile Publications

Albert Hartley's installation of a PD300D pigment dispense system paid for itself within 9 months, and continues to save this successful Lancashire textile printing company £212,000.00 a year ... (read more of this article) »

Bonar Floors expects rapid payback on its new dispensing system
World Textile Publications
The Ozark PD300D fully automatic colour & chemical dispense system offers rapid payback and savings through elimination of waste colour, chemical, coloration errors and waiting time ... (read more of this article) »

OZARK Systems specify METTLER TOLEDO for their dispensing equipment
Mettler Toledo magazine - Special Features UK
... Key elements of the PD300D colour dispense system supplied to Bonar Floors are the KCC300 scales with ID1+ terminals manufactured by METTLER TOLEDO ... (read more of this article) »

Sowing seeds of success with Ozark Systems
Germain's Technology Group (GTG) has improved colour and chemical repeatability and reduced manning levels with the installation of an Ozark CD200 system for their seed pelleting and enhancement line ... (read more of this article) »

Towel maker gets a recipe check automatically
World Textile Publications
Towel manufacturer, Stott and Smith has invested in a fully computerised check weighing and liquid dispensing system from Ozark Systems. The equipment is expected to pay for itself in less than 12 months ... (read more of this article) »

Better bleaching from automated system
World Textile Publications

Treforest Textile Printers, UK, has automated chemicals handling for its fabric preparation with chemical dispensing from Ozark Systems. It plans to install further equipment from Ozark for its finishing stenters ... (read more of this article) »

A Dyehouse Transformed
World Textile Publications

A remarkable turnround in the fortunes of what was once a 'traditional' dyeing and finishing company has been helped by the installation of an Ozark CD200 colour and chemical dispense system ... (read more of this article) »

Trouble-free dispense valves
World Textile Publications
Since Albert Hartley, household textile printers, installed an Ozark Systems pigment dispense system two years ago they have enjoyed trouble-free operation. The secret proved to be the specially designed dispense valves which solved the problems of sticking and sluggishness ... (read more of this article) »

Roe Acre Dyeing & Finishing - investing and adapting
Technical Textiles International
Ozark Systems' CD200 is the latest in a series of investments by Roe Acre Dyeing & Finishing, providing accurate mixing, reducing waste of colours and chemicals and improving quality ... (read more of this article) »

Rapid dispense system for Tietex Corporation
World Textile Publications
Mr David Westbrooks, colourist for Tietex, says of the Ozark CD200 system: “It has been in operation for just a few weeks and is already making a substantial impact. It is quick, accurate and easy to use.”  ... (read more of this article) »

Patented dispense valve designed for reliability
World Textile Publications

Ozark Systems has taken the bold step of developing and patenting its own dispense valve in a bid to overcome many of the problems associated with conventional dispense valves ... (read more of this article) »

Ozark Systems - Mixing to Specifications
Dr Ian Holme - Department of Textile Industries, University of Leeds
Ozark Systems' approach to mixing processes offers many potential benefits and the company has already solved a number of mixing problems within a number of well known processing companies ... (read more of this article) »

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