Ozark Systems  - Setting the Standard in Process Control for Colour and Chemical Using Industries

Setting The Standard in Process Control
for Colour and Chemical Using Industries

Colour Application
PD300D Colour Dispensing System
Chemical Applications
Ozark MF4 Dispense Valves
PD300D Dispensing System
Ozark MF4 Dispense Valves

Ozark Systems' Range of Equipment
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OZARKSystems' MF4 multi-stage dispense valves
A family of patented dispense valves is available to suit all dispensing requirements, from sampling to production dispensing

PD Series Gravimetric Dispensing Systems
Fully automatic colour and chemical dispense systems, with options to include container handling, automatic mix and wash units and fully customised system software

CD200 Gravimetric Chemical Dosing System
A fully automatic chemical dosing system which enables the user to control the dispensing of between 1 and 48 components, completely automatically

CD60 Gravimetric Chemical Dispensing System
A semi-automatic gravimetric chemical dispenser, enabling the user to control the dispensing of between 1 and 24 components with the minimum of operator input

CDV500 Volumetric Dispensing System
A volumetric chemical dispensing system suitable for dispensing to continuous or batch applications

Checkweigh System
A system designed for the manual dispensing of powder and liquid materials, using bar code technology, and integrating fully with all Ozark dispensing systems

Mixers & Mixing Systems
Ozark reversible homogeniser mixers and mixing systems are available in a number of configurations to suit either the grinding of agglomerates or the mixing of viscous liquids

Control Software
Ozark DISPENSETrak software runs on a multi-user, multi-tasking platform and has the ability to interface to other Ozark systems and factory networking systems

Lonn Water Savers
A unique, efficient and cost effective solution to the problem of water wastage caused by open hose lines. All the units can be used on hot or cold water lines that need never be shut off, as the water will only pass through the unit when pressure is applied to the hose end

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