Ozark Systems  - Setting the Standard in Process Control for Colour and Chemical Using Industries

Setting The Standard in Process Control
for Colour and Chemical Using Industries

Colour Application
PD300D Colour Dispensing System
Chemical Applications
Ozark MF4 Dispense Valves
PD300D Dispensing System
Ozark MF4 Dispense Valves

About Ozark Systems

Ozark Systems is an internationally recognised manufacturer of high quality gravimetric and volumetric dispensing systems and related equipment, all of which have numerous applications in industries where chemicals, colorants and additives need to be accurately and repeatedly dispensed to process equipment. Our systems are Gravimetric ink dispensing system capable of dispensing from 1 gram up to several hundred kilos, dependent upon the application. In order to achieve the high accuracy and repeatability requirements of many industries, most of our gravimetric systems incorporate the Ozark MF4 patented multi-stage dispense valve. This valve, which we believe to be the most accurate and reliable on the market today, is available only on Ozark dispensing systems.

Right: Ozark stand-alone gravimetric system
for an ink dispensing application

Typical applications for Ozark dispensing systems include:
• textile dyeing, tinting, printing and finishing
• paints
• inks
• cosmetics and toiletries
• foods

• coatings

• pharmaceuticals
• hygiene products
• agrochemicals

All Ozark systems are computer controlled, giving system flexibility and providing options including management reporting, material costings, batch costings and usage and stock control functions.

All of the elements which are incorporated into our systems are of the highest quality and specification available to us. We believe that this is important not only to our customers, to whom our systems represent a considered and important investment, but also to us as suppliers. We are proud of our reputation for building high quality, reliable and affordable systems which offer rapid payback and a very low cost of ownership.

With our extensive experience of dispensing and mixing, Ozark Systems have built and installed systems for some of the world's premier chemical and colour using companies. All of our systems are custom designed and are built to each customer's requirements.

With increasing environmental legislation and the need to conserve precious energy resources Ozark Systems will become one of your most valued allies. Our systems reduce the environmental impact of dispensing processes, saving money in wasted chemical and over-makes and using recycled water, reducing effluent and treatment costs.

Upgrades to Kinder CDS Systems

Ozark Systems are now able to offer a complete upgrade and support package to existing users of Kinder CDS chemical dispense systems.

The new control package involves removal of the original Kinder loadcell controller and the associated system control, while retaining all the existing mechanical components, and upgrading the control elements to a modern system running on a supportable and current software platform.  Most in-house engineering personnel, after full training by Ozark staff, will be able to support the upgraded system.

The typical time to effect the changeover is in the order of 3 days, depending on the size of the system. The upgraded systems reduce chemical usage due to the more accurate weighing algorithm used by Ozark Systems, and provide improved management reporting.

In addition to offering upgrades to Kinder systems, Ozark Systems has just completed the control upgrade of a Bespoke dispensing system on a UK site.  To read more about this, click here


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