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Still Wasting Water? ... Save Water AND Money with the LONN range of Water Savers from Ozark Systems

Lonn Water Savers


Pick it up - it's on

Drop it - it's off

DID YOU KNOW ... A 25mm hosepipe, left running at 66 litres per minute, wastes 4 000 litres of water per hour? That could add more than 45 000 a year to your water services bill ...!


The Lonn Water Saver is a unique, efficient and cost effective solution to the problem of water wastage caused by open hose lines. The four models are different in their types of spray to meet any application required by industrial and commercial users. All these units can be used on hot or cold water lines that need never be shut off, as the water will only pass through the unit when pressure is applied to the hose end. As a result of this, water consumption can be substantially reduced.

Overall length is 228mm (9")
All brass fittings with exterior rubber bumpers to prevent scratching if dropped on any equipment
Hose end is a moulded rubber compound designed to withstand water temperatures up to 65°C (150°F) on continuous use or 100°C (212°F) on occasional operation
Hose ends are interchangeable with other model Water Savers
Equipped with 3/4" BSP hose connections
Utilises normal mains water pressure

How does it work? Read about the Lonn Piston Principle »

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