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Lonn Piston Principle

The construction of Lonn Water Savers is based on the application of sound engineering principles. Lonn products are constructed in such a way that the valve or piston can only move backward and forward in a perfectly straight movement, thus permitting, when open, a full stream of liquid to flow out equally around the valve cup. It is impossible for the valve cup to open at a tilt, whatever the position in which the Water Saver is held.

Lonn Water Saver - 3 working parts  



By working to exact tolerances and length of valve stems, Lonn have accomplished complete release and delivery and, most importantly, a leak resistant shut-off. On all Lonn Water Savers, when the hose is flexed the inner side of the hose touches the end of the throw pin, pushing the valve cup attached to the throw pin back from the seat, thus opening the valve. When the hose is released and permitted to return to its natural position it releases the pin, and the pressure of the liquid in the intake hose pushes the cup back to its seat, thus closing the valve.

This principle accomplishes the opening and closing of the valve without using screws, levers or push buttons. In all Lonn Water Savers there are only 3 working parts instead of the 20 to 30 used in other types of valve. This economical design has supplied all types of industry with units that afford maximum efficiency at reduced maintenance costs, as well as effecting considerable savings in water usage.

Water Saver nozzles

 Model L                    Model M                    Model R                   Model S

Model L     Medium Pressure Stream
Model M    Large Open Flow Stream
Model R    Concentrated Pressure Stream
Model S    Fan Shaped Spray

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