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Rapid Dispense System for Tietex Corporation

Furnishing textile manufacturer Tietex Corporation, USA, has installed a purpose-built multi-valve chemical dispense system at its plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The system, which was designed and manufactured to Tietex Corporation's requiements by Ozark Systems, Manchester, UK, was installed earlier this year to service the company's No 10 pigment pad range.

Ozark CD200 chemical dosing systemTietex needed a multi-batch, small make-up dispensing system to support a pigment pad range servicing both pad dyeing and finishing. The aim of the project was to reduce colour and chemical waste and cut set-up and changeover times whilst improving shade control, providing verifiable make-up procedures and maintaining accurate records of consumption.

Right: Ozark CD200 chemical dosing system at
Tietex Corporation, Spartanburg, SC, USA

Mr David Westbrooks, colourist for Tietex, who specified the equipment, says of the system: “It has been in operation for just a few weeks and is already making a substantial impact. It is quick, accurate and easy to use.”           
The system is expected to pay for itself in under ten months through savings in colour, chemical and manpower.   

A key component of the system is Ozark's new multi-flow rate dispense valve (See International Dyer, Jan 1996), which is now fitted to several systems in the United States and the UK. The installation at Tietex features the new valve.

Mr Peter Hanmer, Ozark's managing director, says: “This valve's performance is exceeding all our expectations for reliability and accuracy. We set out to design the best valve on the market, and I believe that we've achieved that objective."

Ozark's CD200 system operates in one-shot and continuous modes. System software was customised to Tietex's requirements. The system is controlled by a PC running under a multi-user operating system with a network facility supporting up to 64 terminals. All dispensing functions can be controlled from any computer on the network and the system software can be modified or upgraded at any time via a modem link.

The one-shot operating mode is used to start up a dye run, where one mix is made at a user-selectable quantity of between 75-180Kg. The mix is held in the make-up tank until the user gives the system further instructions. In this mode, additions can be made to the mix before it is delivered to the side tank. The dye mix can also be sampled for lab proofing.

Once the formula has been verified, continuous mode is initiated. In this mode, the system automatically makes repeat mixes as the dye machine calls for colour. On completion each mix is pumped to a side tank which feeds the dye pad. The side tanks are fitted with level sensors, so that when the product drops below a pre-set level the system automatically initiates a new mix request and begins dispensing.

Three pigment colours - red, blue and yellow - are used as concentrates and as cut colours of 2% solution. Concentrates are fed directly from the vendor containers, and three 300-litre stainless steel tanks are used for the cut solutions. When dispensing a recipe, the system is capable of automatically determining the pigment strength to use, based on the quantity it has to dispense. Unless the mix requires 200 grams or more of concentrate the system elects to use the cut colour in order to improve weighing accuracy. This enables the system to dispense a very wide range of dye concentrations and ensures a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

The system is designed to recirculate the concentrates and cut colours automatically, and prepares the cut colour solutions while the system is idle. When stocks of a cut colour drop below a certain level the system automatically starts to make some more.

Storage containers for pigments and chemicals are fitted with level probes which activate a visual and audible alarm system when stocks are running low. In the case of a pigment cut solution this causes the system to automatically dispense up to 180Kg, and then pumps it to the appropriate storage tank.

In addition, a mixer mounted within the system dispense tank enables mixing of the product to take place at any point during the dispense cycle and for any required length of time. On completion of the dispense cycle the mixer runs for a user defined period, after which the product is pumped to holding tanks for supply to the dye pad.

The dispense tank, side tanks and system pipework are fitted with a complete and thorough hot water wash system.

The above article is reproduced here by kind permission of World Textile Publications Limited

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