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Setting The Standard in Process Control
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PD300D Dispensing System
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Ozark Systems, the Manchester, UK based dispensing system manufacturer, has just completed the installation of chemical control equipment at the Al-Ahsa site of Advanced Fabrics (SAAF), in Saudi Arabia.

SAAF, part of the Al-Othman Group, are manufacturers of Spunmelt fabrics used in medical and hygiene applications.

As part of SAAF's continued investment in state-of-the-art technology, a new process line has been installed at the company's Al-Ahsa site.  The process includes a requirement for accurate control and weighing of a variety of chemicals prior to their application to a nonwoven substrate.  These chemicals are being dispensed from supplier containers under the control of an Ozark CDV500 dispensing system.

Recipes are entered and stored on the system computer and are called up by the operator as required.  Once a recipe has been selected and confirmed dispensing is initiated on demand from the process line, and continues until halted automatically by the process.  The system allows for high-shear mixing through an Ozark high-shear homogenising mixer prior to discharge to one of two low-shear mixing tanks to which further chemicals can be added.  The low-shear mixers complete the task of mixing the final product before discharge to the process.  The equipment design allows for one low-shear tank to be in use whilst the other tank is being prepared with the subsequent mix.

Ozark Systems were chosen as suppliers to SAAF since the company is able to offer equipment tailored to suit a specific process and the available space.  Ozark's reputation for building low maintenance, high quality reliable equipment was also a key factor in SAAF's decision.

Ozark delivered and installed the system on time, in readiness for trials and final production.

Ozark Systems has also supplied a GD300 gravimetric dispensing system to SAAF for another production line at the Al-Ahsa facility.  This sytem, installled in February 2006, is already in production and replaces a manual system used previously to dose chemicals to a production line.  The GD300 system offers unattended manufacture of recipes used in the process, giving improved accuracy and thorough mixing as a result of precise control of the raw materials through the dispensing unit.

The Ozark GD300 dispensing system will assist in making top quality products for this prestigious manufacturer.  Additional equipment will be installed at a later date to serve the new Reifenhauser line which is due to commence production towards the end of 2006.

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